Guest Lecture: What can Neuroscience Give to AI?

Technion City, Electrical Engineering, Room 1061 at 12:30

13 July, 2008

Prof. Steve Potter
Biomedical Engineering
Neuroengineering Laboratory
Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University, USA

What can Neuroscience Give to AI?

The human brain is the best example of intelligence known, with unsurpassed ability for complex, real-time interaction with a dynamic world. AI researchers trying to imitate its remarkable functionality will benefit from the wealth of new understanding coming from neuroscience research. I will highlight the differences between Natural and Artificial Intelligence, and present steps that will allow AI researchers to pursue a more brain-inspired approach to AI. A new approach that bridges AI and neuroscience will be described, called Embodied Cultured Networks. Hybrids of living neural tissue and robots, called hybrots, allow detailed investigation of neural network mechanisms that may inform future artificial intelligences, and may remove some of the A from AI.

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