Neuroscience Seminar : Information Processing: From nano-scale single synapse to memory function

room 1061, 10th floor , Mayer Building 16:00 - 17:30

23 November, 2010

Information processing: From nano-scale single synapse to memory function

It is widely believed that memory is grounded in synaptic connections. However, the principles regulating encoding, storage and retrieval of information in synaptic networks remain elusive. Our research is focused on the endogenous mechanisms controlling memory capacity in adult brain. Our main target is to determine how the quality and quantity of ongoing neuronal activity affect the properties of individual pre- and post-synaptic compartments, neural connection (few synapses), synaptic network (thousands of synapses), and the whole system. To fulfill this goal, we are applying combination of electrophysiology, functional quantitative imaging, molecular biology, and behavioral techniques. Our recent results indicate that uncorrelated pattern of neuronal activity plays a key role in synaptic network organization and memory function.

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