Ilya A. Fleidervish, M.D.,Ph.D. , Department of Physiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University

Room 1061, Meyer building, Electrical Engineering, Technion at 16:00

5 April, 2011
Title: Shedding light on sodium fluxes and excitability of thin neuronal processes

Abstract: In order to understand the complex, non-linear mechanisms that underlie neuronal excitability, it is critical to know the precise behavior of the axonal and dendritic Na+ channels.  We explored this behavior using a combination of patch clamp recording and high-speed fluorescent Na+ imaging in slices from wild type and Cre/loxP animals with cell specific ablation of the encoding of SCNA8a gene. In this lecture I will describe the results of our first ever quantitative evaluation of characteristics and density of Na+  channels in thin neuronal processes and discuss some recent controversies around this fundamental issue.
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